List of Dell Service Centers in Indonesia : WAGB
List of Dell Service Centers in Indonesia : WAGB

List of Dell Service Centers in Indonesia : WAGB

Dell Service Center Repair Center All Authorized Products

Dell Service Centers are already present in several regions of Indonesia and are ready to serve consumers in need. The repair center offers various facilities such as guaranteed service, replacement of original spare parts, to delivery service to the consumer. This installation will certainly be cost-effective and will make it easier for consumers.

The company, based in Texas, America, has launched a variety of quality products, not only laptops, other launched products such as printers, mobile phones, USB keyboards, USB adapters and many others. Dell produces a lot of hardware or hardware that is now used by offices.

Having different types of products, the company began to establish Dell service centers in various regions that can be reached by consumers. The high level of consumers brings up many counterfeit products using well-known brands, so people need to be more aware of the products in circulation.

Dell Inc Quality Printing Products

Established in Texas since 1985, the company originally known as PC’s Limited has produced various types of quality hardware and can meet consumers’ needs for electronic products. Dell Inc. is an electronics company founded by Michael Dell in Texas, USA.

Along the way, Michael’s startup launched a variety of products that are now widely used by various circles of the company. Both at home, in the office and in schools already use these products, such as printers, PCs , laptops, USB ports and other official products, and have established  Dell service centers.

One of Dell’s hardware products is a printer. This product has several types with high specifications. Some types of printers are standard, laser, to use a network network as a connection, so you can choose according to your needs. Here are the types of printers.

  1. Color printer A3 7130cdn
  2. Mono laser printer B1160
  3. B1163 Mono Laser Multifunction
  4. C1760nw Color Printer

There are many other types of printers, these different types of printers can be your choice to help you work efficiently. To perform maintenance or repairs, you can take it to  the nearest Dell Service Center, so that the replacement of printer parts remains original and official.

Advanced Mobile Phones from Dell Inc.

Another product of this Texas company is a mobile phone. Not inferior to the company’s other products  ,  mobile phone products have high specifications and quality. In addition, the features presented are also good and have the sophistication to help your work or daily life. Here are the types of Dell mobile phones.

  1. Streak  Series

This type is a type of smartphone that has a screen size of 5 inches, while the screen resolution is 800 x 480. The streak type has 0.5 GB of RAM and 0.5 GB of internal memory. The network uses 3G and 2G. This product is priced at Rp. 2.890.000,-

  1. Location of the series

The next type of mobile phone is the Venue type, the Venue type has a screen size of 4.1 inches with a screen resolution of 800 x 480. Venue’s network is 2G and 3G. The rear camera of the Venue is 8 MP. This product is priced at Rp. 3,090,000,-.

  1. Series Location/Thunder

This product has an internal memory specification of 1GB while the microSD external memory is up to 32GB. It has GPS and Bluetooth features, a screen resolution of 800 x 480 and a RAM memory capacity of 0.5 GB. If you need repairs, you can take it to the Dell Service Center.

Dell Universal Serial Bus (USB) Assortment

Another type of product is USB or Universal Serial Bus, USB is a socket that works to transmit data from one device to another. There are different types and types of USB depending on the functions and objects of the device. Here are some types of USB belonging to Dell Inc.

  1. USB-C Mobile Adapter

Using this C adapter, it can connect the PC to a monitor or projector via DisplayPort or HDMI, in addition to connecting the laptop to video devices, networks, and data connectivity. The cable inside can be removed and stored in the body. This USB flash drive is priced at Rp. 1,299,000,-.

  1. USB keyboard

If you are a laptop user and you are still working at close distances, this will definitely damage your eyes. This company produces hardware in the form of a keyboard that you can pair for a laptop, so you can work at a distance that is not too close to the laptop screen.

In addition, this product is a solution if the laptop or PC is damaged to the keyboard, so you do not need to disassemble it, just connect the USB keyboard to a PC or laptop. The company has also provided Dell service centers to handle repairs for all kinds of products.

  1. External USB optical drive Slim DVD +/- RW

Another USB product most sought after by consumers is the USB Slim EXTERNAL DVD. For laptop users who don’t have DVD media, they can use this USB drive, so consumers don’t need to buy a new, larger laptop.

Also, this product can be a solution to the problem of where the DVD on the PC/laptop is damaged. TheSlim DVD USB nal  exter weighs  500 grams with a sleek design and you can definitely take it with you wherever you go. If there is any damage later, you can take it to the Dell Service Center.

List of Dell Service Centers in Indonesia

The Dell Service Center is the official repair center for Dell products. These repair centers are already spread across multiple regions of Indonesia and offer additional service to Dell’s loyal customers. Not only is it used for the repair of laptops, this place is also used for the repair of all types of products.

Here are Dell repair centers in Indonesia.

  1. Jakarta : Dell Mangga Dua Mall Lt. 1 No. 38
  2. Jakarta : Wisma Metropolitan Complex Annex Building Lt. 1 Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 29-31
  3. Jakarta : Ruko Dusit Mangga Dua n°18 Jl. Mangga Dua Raya
  4. Bandung : Jl. Naripan n° 90 A
  5. Surabaya : Ruko RMI Blok C n° 27-29
  6. Medan : Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto n° 165
  7. Yogyakarta : Jl. Timoho n° 315 Ruko n° 3 Côté APMD – Gondokusuman

The Dell Service Center provides maximum service to loyal customers of this production electronics in Texas. The company also provides an on-site service warranty service. This service is a warranty service provided only to Dell Vontro and Latitude units.

This type of service provides on-site service without incurring any additional charges during the warranty period. In addition, the facilities provided are a delivery service, so you do not need to come to the repair center, you just need to contact the call center of the nearest repair center.

Not only laptops, the company founded by Michael has released a variety of electronic products that certainly help everyday work, such as printers, USB and mobile phones that have sophistication and sleek design. Plus, you don’t have to worry if there’s any damage, you can take it to the Dell Service Center.

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