Be popular in traditional food yang : Blog1
Be popular in traditional food yang : Blog1

Be popular in traditional food yang : Blog1

West Javan kolenak Nan Delicious dan To’nutritious Recipe To Save


Relying on the surrounding ingredients that are still natural, making dishes such as recipes to make colenac unique to West Java also has beneficial properties for the body. For example, ingredients such as herbs are suitable for your body’s fiber and diet, even though the preparations are limited to light foods. Natural ingredients and nutritious ingredients are also easy to manufacture along with the process.


It is no longer undeniable that food is a person’s basic necessity for survival. And As a rich nation, Indonesia also has a lot of specialties in each region. Each region has a variety of traditional dishes with unique flavors.


Culinary is one of Indonesia’s wealth, as it is unique and different from other countries’ food. There are all sorts of vegetables, from rice treats, treats to drinks. Even this dish is not uncommon, recognizable internationally by its own pleasure.


This food is prepared from various local components to meet the daily needs of local residents. The nutrients in this process are mostly complete enough for daily active activity. With such processing, traditional food can be tasty and nutritious.


It is interesting to develop food from every region, like the regions of West Java. In this case, as citizens who are proud of their culture, we  are forced to retain such a fortune as recipes for making colenac, which is native to West Java. It is also impossible to please foreign tourists with the culinal uniqueness of each of these regions.


The richness of traditional West Javan dishes

In the midst of this modern progress, traditional food must be preserved so that subsequent generations can enjoy it too. While it is the general responsibility of Indonesians to keep traditional dishes, such as recipes to make Kolenac unique to  West Java, despite the fact that they were originally from West Java.


Indonesians famous for their cuisine can be one of the ways of the ice mop dance of folk culinary wealth . Colenak can be one of your consumer choices and it’s also rich in benefits. Unlike foods that may lack food, kolenac has advantages that are worth keeping it in.


With the Sundan tribe, West Java is even popular in Indonesia as the owner of hundreds of delicious food recipes that are common, including recipes for making Colenac specific to West Java. You may have heard about cilock, butter, Bandung cakes and many other types.


This traditional dish, having a simple process and natural components, greatly guarantees nutrients contained in it. Without conservative and pleasure, which is harmful to the body, the colenac becomes healthier. These dishes can still be processed with a variety of new innovations to make them more in tune with the wishes of the people now.


Dishes and  recipes for making colenac, which is peculiar to West Java, are among the dishes that have long been known for their uniqueness in West Java. This dish already includes traditional dishes that are popular all over the world and are now easy to find in the cool cafes in and around Bandung.


Foods with food

Despite the colenak a snack category, this consumption is not a common dish with a minimum level of food. Cooking it as a dish will help satisfy vitamin needs due to its large content. Since the main ingredients are natural from fermented cossettes, you can benefit from regular consumption of it.


Tergolong dishes offer good benefits for digestion with a recipe  for  western javanese colenac from tape. The fat content of vitamin B12 is also found in this processed food. To increase the energy of daily activity, you can get it from the carbohydrate content of the burned tape.


With the addition of  brown sugar, which is peculiar  , you can be addicted to eating this sweet treat. Kolenac is also a healthy dish, so it is suitable for all people and young people as long as it is consumed in moderation. Although classified as traditional food, this dish is popular not only among old-school people.


Even in youth hangover areas such as coffee shops , recipes to make colenac unique to West Java are the main food that is often highly liked. Like other foods, this dish will remain popular if it continues to be familiar with the next generation.


Be popular in traditional food yang

If you visit Bandung or other tourist attractions in West Java, it’s easy to find this food vendor. Although it is a relatively old school, it is easy to keep this ordinary West Javanan colenacin  happening and thanks to the taste and recipe for carrying out retention activities, the kolenac is increasingly in demand and remains available.

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Man’s need for food continues to develop even in the conditions of modern society. After-times sales, that is, if focused on the youth community, can continue to enjoy the colenac for now and in the future.


Although it is classified as a treat, the target is not just a group of children who like food, but also those of all ages. Like other Sundan specialties, colenak is popular throughout Indonesia. Merchants are not only indigenous Sundans, but also other people because of their promising economic potential.


Until now, colenak can be sold in packaging and is usually widely purchased as a West Javan souvenir. Previously, colenac was just cassava tape ingredients and sweeteners from brown sugar, now it can enjoy a wide variety of options. Many taste news has been shared by culinary lovers so that many people can enter with their languages.


For the first time steamed or burned ready tape for the sweet taste of fermented results. The large amount of sugar in the ribbon when grilled loves those interested in sweet taste even more than this grilled tape. With ingredients that are still relatively natural, it is very safe to consume colenac cans without using them.


Dishes and  recipes for the preparation of this simple West Javanese kolenac  are classified as healthy but still affordable food so that the pleasure is even more fun. Today, it is not just cool food that should be imported or expensive. A tape with a cassava of origin can also be a cool food in modern times. Changing the cocoa to cocoa, such as chocolate, cheese flavors, bananas and other flavors, also increases the popularity of this dish.


How to make Kolenac simple

In addition to being delicious, nutritious, it is  usually not difficult to make a Recipe for West Javanes colenac at home  . It is only necessary to prepare ingredients from cassavabop tape, coconut, blue sugar and salt. Here you need to use a simple West Java tape, that is, peuyem, so that the water volume is not too large.


Then, of course, you can use a teflon or similar non-adhesive vessel. First boil and prepare the soup with the addition of water to the cot, then add grated coconut later. To make a flavor, add some salt and pandana leaves so that the smell is better later.


You cook this solution until it is cooked and flavored, and then immediately put aside. To make a ripe tape, first separate the cossette fibers and then form them to taste. Then only the cooking remains until both sides have cabbage for a few minutes. If you feel it is suitable for doing this, you just have to add hills or dips to the container and it’s ready to delight.


If you want to try other changes in colenac, you don’t have to steam it. You can replace them with chocolate, cheese, fruit delicacies as a dip in addition to the candles to suit the preferences of children. This recipe for Western Javanic colenac making can be adapted to each other’s wishes, but the taste and diet remain the same.

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