Combining Presmol, Karedok and Tutug Oncum Rice : Jagad
Combining Presmol, Karedok and Tutug Oncum Rice : Jagad

Combining Presmol, Karedok and Tutug Oncum Rice : Jagad

Jurnal Applicassy Recep Masakan Khas Jawa Baraat, The Most Popular Menu

The recipes of Indonesian cuisine are actually very diverse, there is also  a magazine application of recipes for ordinary West Javanese cuisine that reviews the general menus from West Java | from the raw materials to the recipes that make these menus popular|

Indonesian culinary lovers also simply download apps that are also offered for free on smartphone apps| So for those of you who are currently travelling or are outside the island of Java and missing out on their features, you can do it based on recipes on the app yourself|

You can try the easiest food because although recipes are typical of West Java, it’s easy to find raw materials in Indonesia| Especially now there are many e-commerce sites that sell the needs of various people, including food raw materials|

There are a lot of foods that are well packaged so there is no need to worry about the feasibility of raw materials| So you  can transact within the city through commercial electronic sites to get the raw materials for the menu in West Space’s Recipe App magazine|

Common taste of West Java in an app

The common diet of residents who use Sundanimate is actually very popular, such as caredok, tilapia pesmole, rice tutug oncom and others| Moreover, raw materials are also a type of processed food produced from Indonesia so it is actually native to Indonesia|

These menus even have a balanced nutritional content, processed in different ways or variations of the basic ingredients, the TIDsingle wonders if it brings a different menu? With the advancement of technology, all kinds of food menus that were just a recipe known to some people can now be learned|

Even for those of you who don’t live in West Java, you can taste the common menu through an app or mobile-based software that is currently very popular and used by different groups. However, the existence of this software makes everyone more aware of how to make different menus|

Sometimes knowing the characteristic type of food in a region, you don’t realize it, you feel proud to have an Indonesia full of diversity| Having different features in each region, you don’t need to go to that place and make it at home on your own|

You can easily find the magazines of the West Javanese Recipe app through the Play Store or the App Store and can be downloaded for free| All you need to do is create an iOS or Android-based smartphone where the smartphone is generally owned by every Indonesian|

Get to know the delicious, sour, sweet, spicy taste of pesmol|

Each region has menus that are dear to many, especially in West Java itself a part of Indonesia that is famous for its culinary tourism| However, it would be a pity if these common menus were not passed down from generation to generation|

From digital applications, indirectmenus or recipes are provided scans for young Indonesians| The menu feature  in recipe magazines for West Javanese cuisine  is indeed very unique because it usually has a taste of a mixture of sour and spicy, with menus often dominated by fish ingredients|

While it has a delicious flavour that is very popular, it looks like it’s much easier how to make it| For example, like tilapia pesmole where you can replace tilapia with other fish, its delicious sweet and spicy taste is actually hungry with a simple way to make it|

All you need to do is prepare two medium-sized tilapia-like ingredients that have been thoroughly washed and weeded, then half a teaspoon of salt, 1 lime, and then oil to fry to taste| For subtle spices that give tilapia pesmol a delicious taste, namely:

  1. 5 Cloveg Shaltus
  2. 3 cloves garlic
  3. 3 pieces of large or curly red pepper
  4. 3 cm turmeric
  5. 2 cm ginger
  6. 3 Pecan grains
  7. 1 teaspoon of salt
  8. 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar
  9. 300 ml air
  10. orange leaves
  11. Powder broth for taste

The most popular West Javanese Recipe Application magazine is actually | this tilapia pesmole so not only fried, you can get creative with fish using not only fried and boring flavors but also more delicious | In addition to the fine spices mentioned above, don’t forget to prepare supplement ingredients such as:

  1. 1 decadence tomato
  2. 10 whole cayenne peppers
  3. Cut leaks for taste

It’s very easy how to make it where all you need to do is grease the clean fish with salt and lime and then fry it| Add sugar, salt and powdered broth while sautifying the fine and orange leaves till the spices are aromatic| Mix well and test the taste, at the end of the day all you need to do is keep tomato green onions and cayenne pepper with fried fish|

Simple and tasty west jugnese vegetable menu

T.I.D. Ek is just fish, there’s also a menu of foods that you can see through a smartphone application about the recipes of West Javanese cuisine called Caredok | Sangking is very popular, this menu is very familiar to culinary lovers | not just the main ingredient that fish uses, this time the menu can be a supplement|

Caredoc is a menu you  can find from the magazine application of recipes for the West Javanese feature that is dominated by vegetables | it’s also very easy how to make it where you only need a few different vegetables but usually it’s a mix:

  1. String Beans
  2. tulsi
  3. cucumber
  4. Eggplant Lalap
  5. Not his own
  6. Toga
  7. up to

The above ingredients just need to be washed thoroughly and then cut or cut according to the taste, then all you need to do is make a fine season where this vegetable seasoning ingredient is made from beans| For the peanut seasoning ingredient, it’s also easy how to make it where you just need to prepare:

  1. 250 g oven beans or fried beans
  2. 300 ml of warm water
  3. 5 Sauté garlic for a while
  4. 8 roasted curly chillies for a while
  5. 2 roasted cayenne peppers for a while
  6. 60 grams of fine combing space sugar
  7. 2 teaspoons of salt
  8. 2 paste blocks
  9. 3 cm
  10. Takes 2 lime water

Puree all the ingredients of peanut seasoning above, you can use a blender or you can purify it manually| All you need to do then is mix the chopped raw vegetable ingredients, mix well, and serve with epping or starch crackers| You  can also check out these recipes through the magazine application of recipes for your specialty in western places|

Combining Presmol, Karedok and Tutug Oncum Rice

Perhaps you want to enjoy the West Java-style menu to the fullest, a delicious blend is tilapia pesmole combined with caredoc| Then for rice, you can make oncom tutug rice| You have to prepare rice, oncum, onions, garlic, kerosene, shrimp paste and salt as per the taste|

All you need to do is  bake the oncom with spices other than  Kenqr  until it dries, purify the spices and then mix it with the oncom | mix the fine spices with oncom and pour out the external rice | for more details, you can  download the magazine of the West Javanese Recipe app  through the smartphone  .

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