Origin of West Java Gejrot Tofu Recipe : SadapWa KabarHarianNet
Origin of West Java Gejrot Tofu Recipe : SadapWa KabarHarianNet

Origin of West Java Gejrot Tofu Recipe : SadapWa KabarHarianNet

Know the easiest recipe from West Java Gejrot Tofu

If you are following the changes in the culinary world, you must have a curiosity  about the western Javanese gejrot recipe. In addition, Indonesia itself has many choices of special foods that are easy to enjoy. Almost every region can have  their own traditional masaka n, obviously very scary.

The culinary world never dies because every day there are the latest discoveries that are often used as targets for food experts. Do not worry if you are one of the people, culinary developments in the country can help to discover the development. There are many types of cuisine that have their own specialties.

Check out the West Java tofu recipe that  we’ll share later, before you need  to  know it to make it really easy.  No need to be afraid to wait for the seller if you want to eat this snack. But studying the whole recipe sure makes it easier to cook taro food.

Gejrot tofu can usually be easily found when vendors are on the side of the road, of course there are different flavors. And of course if you want to feel the snacks this time, nisa is enjoyed at an easy price. But it’s not certain that this is visible at any time, as marginal merchants will sell at will.

To make it easier for yourself in the process of enjoying this type of cooking, try to understand from childhood the following explanation. We will help clarify all the discussion of ingredients and how to cook from start to finish. Make sure you always follow the essence of the conversation to the end to understand the full content.

Origin of West Java Gejrot Tofu Recipe

In retrospect, there seems to have been an origin of the appearance of gejrot tofu from the city of Cirebon. The first appearance of the culprit is thatthe basic ingredients of gembus tofu were cut into small pieces. It is then watered with a slightly spicy soup and has a black colorelat  brown sugar.

If you visit the Riebon area of West Java, it will be incomplete if you have not tried the favorite cuisine these days, tahu gejrot. This type of food is widely requested by tourists when visiting the city of Cyrebon, but now it is common. Although it is spread to very large areas, this does not mean that it is easy to get.

Because the recipe for gejrot tofu is typical of West Java different compared to road vendors. The indigenous people there are  smarter at  processing dishes so that their own flavors appear.  In Cirebon, almost every corner of town, there are jagged tofu vendors at affordable prices.

Bearing in mind that the area is famous for the city of Tofu, because most of Tofu’s processing plants are in Cyrebon. No wonder the most delicious cooking scene is emerging today, so it can add to the list of favorite snacks.  The number of tofu factories makes the locals have the skills to make these dishes on the base.

The appearance of the name is considered to derive from a seller’s habit when he puts brown sugar water in a bottle. They then serve the dishes by dousing an entire soup crushed on a pottery bowl  .   The appearance of jrot was originally a custom when the soup was poured from a bottle that sounded jrot-jrot.

Complete ingredients from West Java’s favorite snacks

While at home, always take the time to learn each recipe for jagged tofu, typical of West Java. Since you no longer need to go to the nearest seller if you want to eat, just do it independently. Of course, before   you can make your own, you need to understand the basic ingredients.

The signature flavor of jagged tofu itself has a sweet, spicy flavor, and certainly a savory flavor that lends itself well to enjoying in the afternoon. We will share the most e nak recipe  that has proven to be well suited for all Indonesian languages. Can’t wait to find out how? Let’s follow more.

The first thing you definitely need is the type of gembus tofu or Sumedang to taste, if it is possible to make at least 10 seeds. Do not do too much or too little, it is best to use moderately as desired when cooking. Then the next main ingredient is sweet soy sauce by flavor about 1 tbsp.  l

The western java tofu recipe is incomplete if you have not used brown sugar, so slice it thin with 3 tablespoons.   Then also prepare a little tamarind water, other additives can prepare soy sauce one tablespoon.  Also oil preparation not much.

Prepare the good seasons in advance

Going into the next step of making jagged tofu requires some spice to impart a delicious flavor while you enjoy it. Among other things, starting from shallots, prepare at least a number of four clones.   It is necessary to add the flavor maknyus and, of course, also add an onion the size of two grains.

Because  this type of cooking  has a spicy flavor, obviously a little red pepper should be used.   But depending on your needs, if you don’t really  enjoy the spice of the dishes, it’s best not to be forced to give too much.   Only six species of red pepper are the highest recommended level of spices.

To add to the flavor of the dish, the West Javanese tofu gejrot recipe requires  someone to prepare salt.   Salt consumption does not require too much, perhaps just 1 tsp is enough. Since it is only used   to make the flavor, there is salty and not sweetness, so it is suitable for anyone to eat.

Surely most of them enjoyed interesting dishes from Cirebon, because the prices were found quite affordable and easy. But the flavor will surely be different from the recipe we provide. Because we give you a special recipe from the original village of origin of the first kind of Tofu cuisine.

The manufacturing process in an easy way

The first step in cooking, first collecting all the ingredients and utensils used  to speed up the pem artificial process.   Well, if you already have Sumedang tofu, then, of course, you do not need to cook again. This is different from the general type which is still raw, not to be cooked until  it is dried and cooked.

The key to the  success  of the esep tahu gejrot typical of West Java is  of course in the soup, if you can do it right, it is certainly delicious.    Well, the first way  to  heat it isto heat all the water in the pot until it boils.   After that, pour direct soy sauce, tamarind water, as well as brown sugar.

While waiting for it to be cooked, according to the recipe, you must have previously mixed all goods with red pepper. Be sure to add a little salt so that the level of cruelty is impressive, broadly unstable, so as not to be at all.  Add three spoons of warm oil to wet the texture a little and go well with tofu.

Combine all tofu with pottery dishes to add to the traditional flavor of the food.   Stir until evenly distributed so that the seasons  can be  enjoyed without any difference in taste on each side.  Then water all the delicious soup to pour onto the plate, finally this cooking is ready to be served directly.

By understanding all the processes from beginning to end, you can now create your own without any problems. Using each of these methods is sure to make a delicious level when eaten at its very highest.  After paying attention to  the typical West Java gejrot tofu recipe, this time it’s time to test it  at home.

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