Similar in Donuts, Halkan Ali agrem ee Recipe ka West Java : Lorongku
Similar in Donuts, Halkan Ali agrem ee Recipe ka West Java : Lorongku

Similar in Donuts, Halkan Ali agrem ee Recipe ka West Java : Lorongku

Enter Down 3 Recipes for Regional Food Brands inWest Java

If you’re in the mood to try making a common dish from West Java, we’ll list 3 recipes for regional specialist brands from West Java that are easy and you can try it quickly. Like other regions, Truly West Java is an area with a variety of sweet and salty varieties.

In general, the mild density that emerges in western Java is made from a mixture of coconut, brown sugar, and flour. Flour can be of various kinds up to rice flour, wheat flour, curly rice flour. Simple West Javanese is really mostly simple material and requires only a few things with easy processing.

Despite its simplicity, the modern density of Western Javanese all still tastes delicious and sweet. No wonder many people like these dishes. It’s not just easy to find in different places, this specialty recipe is also easy to make for yourself, you know! So, you can learn to cook these traditional little food recipes.

Here we’ll list 3 recipes of sorts of regional specialties from Java West that are practically with passion flavors. Be sure to take it seriously so you can treat you and your family or the people closest to you as soon as possible. Immediately prepare various necessary materials and materials.

Wajit Bandung Legit Family Saaxiibada Casriga ah

The light density from Western Java, especially the famous city of Bandung, is a wajit. Almost everyone from different regions was aware of the sweetness that this sweetness results from this sweetness. Unlike other delicious dishes, wajit has its uniqueness that you don’t find in other sweet dishes in West Java.

Yes, one of what you can find besides the sweet and savoury flavors because the combination of curly rice flour, scarfed coconut and brown sugar is what is located on the outside of this dish. Wajit is it’s a red that wraps his presentation with dried corn leaves. This is definitely something unique to the dish.

The recipe for making wajit as one of the forms I wrote down 3 recipes for regional specialty types from West Java is explained succinctly here. If you’ve already prepared the essentials, you can start doing it yourself by combining all the ingredients combined, mixed with water.

Cook the dough while constantly stirling for about 45 minutes. After that you can pour it into a print that allows it to sit until the temperature comes down for one hour. Then if the face dough has cooled, it can start to wrap in dried corn leaf ready to be used.

It’s not over yet, after being wrapped in dirty leaves, now baking the facial disc using the oven for 30 minutes. Don’t take long because it can make the dough dry even more difficult. You don’t want it if the facial shape you make is inferior to an unconstitutional and very dense one?

Similar in Donuts, Halkan Ali agrem ee Recipe ka West Java

There is also a delicious snack that we are reducing and tempting, which is Ali Cagrem. In form, Ali Agrem is very similar to a donor. It’s just that, the way it’s being made, the dish requires a variety of donuts in general which are often enjoyed by many people in different circles.

I’ll be writing 3 specialty species recipes in the region from West Java, and this includes Ali Agrem cuisine. Despite its similarity to donuts, ali agrem production is easier although it takes longer when making the donation of a milk potato.

What needs to be paid to cook Ali Agrem for a second time is not far from the applied coconut, brown or palm sock, as well as gulutinous rice flour. You just need to mix your three subjects equally. Don’t be careful to melt the brown sugar first, and bake the coconut roasted.

If the dough is depleted, don’t immediately light it with oil. You should make a break for the dough of Ali Heshim. This process usually takes at least six hours overnight for the dough to be hard and doable and ready to be grilled on a hot fire late.

The shape of the complete dough resembles the dough in general, then fry until the color turns brown. And now, you can try to make it look unassuming at all. Among those I’ve written are 3 regional specialty species recipes from West Java, which are the easiest recipes to make.

Beautiful colorful cake named Princess Noong

Sweet and beautiful seems to be a handy sign to be glued to in this standard smartphone from West Java. As the name appeared, Princess Noong does have a very beautiful look with a variety of bright pastry colors, as well as sweet, halal, and delicate flavors that draw on the tongue.

Among other recipes that I wrote down 3 recipes for different types of regional specializations from West Java nowadays that are becoming the most in demand. In addition to being delicious, this sweet dish is also easy to make. Again, the products made only require cassava, jaakruit nail, with added sugar and salt as much as needed.

Mix all the ingredients evenly, then steam for about 20 minutes. Subsequently, steam batters were divided into two and were divided into coloring green and red food dyes. If so, any dough that spreads over a moss leaf and pours it over a mosaic circle.

And tighten every green foot on the nails. Then, steam again until cooked until cooked for about 30 minutes. And if it’s cooked, you can move it to another container and start cutting it into pieces. Prepared coconut service. Princess Noong or the girl she is nursing is ready to be eaten with their liking.

Specials of 3 Recipes from West Java

I listed 3 recipes for regional specialty brands from West Java as mentioned above and three which are actually a modern favorite menu. Now you can’t just enjoy the sweetness, you can also make it without fear of losing by following the recipes explained earlier.

The process of making the three meals to be simplified is the specialty of this meal. All the consumables are the same and always use grated coconut and slices of brown sugar as characteristics of each sweet dish from West Java, as each dish conforms to the main ingredient.

If you’re already familiar with making multiple recipes for common foods in different regions, you can also write recipes for 3 regional specialty brands found in West Java or other regions to share with others. Because, making dishes is more fun than just that they can be enjoyed by the people closest to them.

In addition to its delicious foods, West Java has plenty of salt tacties, until it keeps it. This also includes one of the uniqueness of Sundanese rations that tend to be retainers and salts. An example is serabi with a delicious oncom blend that is ideal to serve when you’re relaxing in your free time.

It is only necessary to practice the different recipes that are presented early in a fully available way to produce dishes that tempt the tastes of many. Don’t be afraid to try it, because we’ve written 3 recipes for regional specialist brands from West Java that are practical and easy to make.

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