Sisingan is often used as a show for some traditional events : HpSamsung
Sisingan is often used as a show for some traditional events : HpSamsung

Sisingan is often used as a show for some traditional events : HpSamsung

Western Javanese art  has uniqueness as a feature of customs

The existence of  Western Javanese art has been at the forefront of regional possibility   since ancient  times.  Many types of regional arts that have been passed down by the ancestors are still preserved today.  The culture of the region has always been an intrinsic identity known to the wider community.

All regions of Indonesia must have their own cultures and customs  in  order to highlight them as self-identity.  All elements of society also participate so that the diversity of the arts produced remains sustainable for any given period of time.  In addition to being used for the preservation of local culture, of course, it can be used as an attraction for tourists.

For tourists visiting the region, they are certainly no stranger to a variety of unique performances. Until now, public entertainment is still kept to respect the customs so that it never fades afterwards.   Since the area is huge, it is no surprise that people can know the evolution of this culture .

A lot of people  are interested in learning more about Western Javanese art as it has a uniqueness. Knowing the culture of an area, you  should have more respect for the existence of the customs that are maintained.  Therefore, the following list of arts should be used as a reference  so that you have a perspective on culture.

The tradition of  Weang Golek art  becomes community entertainment

In ancient times, there was certainly no advanced technology in the lives of people in  Indonesia  as it is now. In trying to find entertainment, it is no surprise that different types of performances always bring out regional arts.   Various devices are able to be used and used as much as possible to attract attraction from the masses.

Various forms of art media are still created and hand-presented in every performance held . A form of entertainment at the time often used puppet media to tell stories. Many stories are also told on the basis of the stories told by the ancestors over the generations based on the culture  .

In addition to using stories and legends to bring in the show, it turns out that there are often histories too.  This Western Javanese art   is often used so that residents can enjoy comedy.  Since the past, comedy has often been performed to invite laughter to every viewer.

The shape of Weang Golak, which actually becomes a unique art form, resembles that of a small human personality  . But of course, the form of The Wiang Golek is shaped  according to  its character  so that there can be more variation during the performance. It is also used to make it easier for the audience to get to know each character from the puppet.

As every puppeteer who controls the Weing Sphere, he must have his own characteristics that must be related to carrying.  So far, some puppeteers have had a high popularity if they are able  to invite traction  during performances  . Since so far this art form is still there,  The Weang Golak will always remain a favourite.

Sisingan is often used as a show for some traditional events

Continuing the discussion of  other Western Javanese arts  , it has been discovered that each event  has  a definite performance according to its own customs  . In addition to targeting as a spectacle, it is also revealed that  various arts are also performed to preserve the culture in the society.  By following the evolution of the current art form, it is definitely able to provide a unique sensation while enjoying the show.

At this point, it  will be explained in detail about Sizingan  which is also popular all the time  . Sizingan can be found  in  certain events with the aim of reviving one’s celebrations. Residents who have a special celebration  will organize  a  Sisingan to be remembered as a moment  of a lifetime.

Usually, sisingan is performedwhen a boy goes through a period of circumcision or circumcision to  be celebrated immediately.  Circumcision is performed once in a lifetime, so many citizens want to organize a special event for their child.  The traditional form of the event is usually  done by forming  a  convoy in the form of a stretcher lion.

During  the process of the Western  Javanese art convoy  , the baby will be reared by the body of a fake lion.  Later, the children who are celebrating will be taken around the area where they live.  It is also intended so that local residents know that the child has been circumcised.

Until now, the tradition of Sizingan is still safe  to recall a once-in-a-lifetime moment in a child’s life  . You  can also participate  to preserve the culture when you  celebrate a designated celebration.  Thus,  no matter how long  the form of tradition from the point of view will never fade away from the lives of the people.

Angklang Music Art one of the regional instruments

Looking at the timing as per the timeline, regional performance forms  are definitely available in different forms.  In previous discussions, you have begun to learn about Weyang Golek and Sisingan as an example. But this time, musical art is  also very closely related to  Western Javanese art  culture.

Music has always been created so as to  enjoy the sound of the songs as entertainment in the lives of local residents.  Different musical instruments will be played at the same time so that they can create  a beautiful sound to enjoy  . Many  residents think that life without music feels like there is a lack of beauty colour.

When you  know the art of music in the West Java region, of course you are  no stranger to Angklang  . This type of instrument always appears to be music in the entertainment of the citizens.  In general, angklang  can be found on a gamelan to create a unique sound  in  the form of a musical decoration.

Angkalung is made of bamboo which is arranged in such a way that it is able to make sounds when it is being vibrated. To play  this Western Javanese art instrument  , it only needs one hand that is moved rapidly.  In general, angklang instrument players   engage many people at the same time to make different sounds.

Because the angklung is a musical instrument, this means that it has a tone pattern when the instrument is played properly. You can learn Angklang and  bring the instrument to modern music  as it has a unique sound.  In other words, Angklung  has always  been able to stay safe in music  even  in modern times.

Horse-taming and showing off as a favorite culture

Other people discussing the matter of entertainment, of course, because of its popularity it cannot be separated from the existence of knotty horses.  Basically, the horse knot is a dance that has a unique style of performance.  From the past till now, this type of entertainment has always been sought after and is still sought after by the public.

The Western Javanese art  dance  , called Kuda Gandh, has many elements at the same time, with H. Iburan being performed. Starting with a dancer and music player, it has its own role to play to make the spectacle more interesting.  One of the uniqueness of this traditional event  lies in the  extreme scenes performed by the dancers.

First of all, ever since the music has started, the dancers will perform   a special ceremony as the beginning of the event. When he is ready, the dancer begins his movements by riding a horse made of special webbing.  In a few moments, the dancer is taken over and will present dangerous scenes at the centre of the show.

Usually the assistant starts giving the dancer glass and lamps to eat when he has it. Although the scene is very dangerous, the unique thing is that the dancer will not get hurt in the slightest during the scene.  In fact, logically speaking, it should have the ability to threaten the dancer’s body while experiencing possession  .

According to local customs, the science of insecurity has been learned by the dancers and finds strength when it comes under its possession.  Despite this, horses are still popular and able to entertain the public. In this way,  the ancestral traditions  of Western Javanese art  from the ancestors will never end.

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